Noemí Valencia

Co-founder & Chief Learning and Inspiration Officer at Knotion & Tred Global Co-founder & Chief Learning Officer at Varmond School (Apple Distinguished School)

Mimi Trainor, OECD Advisor for the 2030 Education Framework Representative of PISA for Schools in Mexico, Apple Distinguished Educator ‘2012 & Endeavor Entrepreneur ‘2019 .

For the last 27 years, Noemi has devoted her life to creating innovative and efficient learning environments for K-9 students. 

As co-founder in Varmond School, one of the most prestigious private schools in Mexico, and one of the first to be acknowledged as an Apple Distinguished School, she started a successful pedagogical journey,

In her quest to transform learning, Noemi spearheaded a learning revolution throughout Latin America, promoting the development of life competencies for the future generations. She brings global vision, love of education, strong connection with the environment and a keen interpersonal awareness to every project. 

Noemi managed the development of more than 1,700 engaging multi-touch books, which set the foundation for her current endeavor, which is to redefine learning environments for students, while they become conscious and impactful global citizens.

In 2014, together with an amazing interdisciplinary team, she co-founded Knotion, a leading and innovative Edtech company, which serves more than 200 schools, 9000 teachers and 50,000 learners in 4 countries, in order to change their way of thinking, learning and behaving for a better humanity.